About Us

Özsar Tekstil, whose foundations were laid in 1988, continues to walk confidently in the sector with its more than 30 years of experience, price compliance and honesty motto. The company, which has made a name for itself with its R&D studies in the sector, by sticking to its understanding of total quality, continues its customer-oriented works during and after the service. Increasing its awareness in the fabric sector day by day and advancing towards branding, Özsar Tekstil has become the leading company of the sector in the field of knitted fabric.

Özsar Tekstil, which offers the carefully selected yarns to the market after knitting and dyeing processes in its own facilities, continues its production with more than 400 employees in its factory built on 27 thousand square meters of closed and 5 thousand square meters of open area in Ergene Organized Industrial Zone.

Özsar Tekstil, which aims to be a pioneer in the world with a daily production of 50 tons, quality certificates it has acquired including world standards, and exports to 26 countries, focuses on one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

The company takes care to deliver its sustainable product range with state-of-the-art machinery, in line with the industry’s demand, on the scheduled deadline. With its business model that reinforces the perception of trust with its customers, it makes its solution partnership in the sector permanent.

The company, which also considers the future as the past, present and future of life, also makes important investments in the name of sustainability, and pays attention to the efficient use of natural resources in the renewal of its production facility and machinery.

Özsar Tekstil carries out fast and safe deliveries to all over the world, with a thousand tons of regular fabric always ready. Exporting most of its production to Russia and Central Asian countries, Özsar Tekstil has adopted the principle of making Turkey’s name known in the world with its quality.