Good Management is the Key to a Successful Company

Famous Economist Consultant Prof. Dr. Cemal Zehir gave a seminar on Management in High Performance Enterprises within the scope of Özsar Tekstil In-house Training Programs.
Focusing on the effects of globalization and changing business world conditions on businesses, Prof. Dr. Zehir said that management concepts and rules were updated with the worldwide interaction.
Emphasizing that there was a transition from a production-oriented business approach to a customer-focused business approach, Zehir said, “Currently, the priority in companies is customers and employees. Businesses have to make their employees happy. In the past, people used to retire from where they were employed, and now they are constantly being renewed and changed. Organizations are renewed. It used to be profit-oriented, now it is customer-oriented, as your customers increase, so does your market share. The new system is customer-oriented instead of profit-oriented.” said.
Stating that companies that adopt teamwork rather than individuality increase their success, Zehir said, “In the past, it was thought that competition would increase productivity among employees, but nowadays it is emphasized that more productive companies that work in a collaborative work environment are more successful. The concepts of manager instead of management, teamwork instead of individuality, and learning-oriented management instead of efficiency are effective in changing management understandings. Employees are required to be team players.” he said.

Characteristics of a good manager

Prof. Dr. Zehir continued his words as follows: “A good manager must have skills and characteristics such as general culture, analytical thinking, communication skills, character traits, social abilities and learning orientation. Managers need to determine their strengths and weaknesses by doing SWOT analysis, form their teams correctly and take the right strategic steps.”

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