Knitting Factory

Özsar Textile has a knitting factory of 8,200 square meters, a paint factory of 18,800 square meters and a closed area of 27 thousand square meters, located in Ergene Organized Industrial Zone. In addition, our factory has an open area of 5 thousand square meters, including a thousand square meters of knitting factory and 4 thousand square meters of paint factory. Being at the focal point of the foreign sales, marketing and transportation network due to its location provides convenience in terms of logistics to the exporting countries. Our factory, which continues its production with the latest system machinery, has a daily production capacity of 50 tons. Our company, which has a product range of more than 100, responds to the demands of the sector with more than 400 employees. With our globally accepted certificates, our production processes are carried out in accordance with quality standards.

Our Paint Factory

In our chemistry laboratory located in our paint factory, the requests made by our customers are answered by using the most accurate and suitable sustainable dyestuffs and chemicals for our business. We aim to complete the color works requested by our customers within a maximum of three days with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel. In these studies, the material to be dyed as a priority goes through the appropriate processes. In order to present our quality to our customers, cost, sustainability and reaching the right target at the first time are taken as reference in our processes.

Our Ready Dyed Fabrics

Single Jersey Knitted Fabric – Two Yarn Knitted Fabric – Three Yarn Knitted Fabric – Rib Fabric – Interlock Fabric – Thessaloniki Fabric – Camisole Fabric – Lacoste Fabric – Vanize Fabric

In all these fabrics, cotton, viscose, bamboo, polyester, polyamide, modal, linen, acrylic etc. fibers and their blends are used, and lycra can be used in every fabric.

Our Quality

Nero + Micro Lyc 2 Rope

240gr 187cm

%72 Cotton %22Pes %6 Ea

Nero +Micro Lyc 30/30 2 Rope 240gr 187cm

%96 cotton %4Ea

Nero + Micro Lyc Single Jersey

30/1 Single Jersey 150gr 180cm Lycra Free

%100 Cotton

30/1 Single Jersey 190gr 180cm Lycra

%96 Cotton %4Ea

36/1 Single Jersey 160gr 180cm Lycra

%96 Cotton %4Ea

24/1 Single Jersey 180gr 185cm Lycra Free

%100 Cotton

Nero +Micro 3 rope

Raised 185cm 310gr

Raised 185cm 270gr

%65 Cotton %35 Polyester

Without Raising 195cm 310gr

Without Raising 195cm 270gr

%65 Cotton %35 Polyester