Interlock Fabric

It is a knitting structure in which the loop legs are clearly visible on the front and back sides of the fabric, which is obtained by interlacing two separate 1×1 rib knits in double bed knitting machines. Interlock is a type of knitted fabric with a tight and regular appearance. It has the same appearance on the front and back, it is double-faced. Underwear has a wide range of uses in summer-winter and especially sporty and medical tops. It can also be used as a technical protective textile. It has a higher elasticity in the vertical direction than in the horizontal direction. It has dimensional stability and shape preservation feature. It is heavy in weight compared to other single yarn knitted fabrics. Since there is air between the front and back surface, it has heat insulation feature. Keeps warmer than other single-thread knitted fabrics. Due to the bulky structure of interlock knitted fabrics, the moisture absorption feature is high.

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