Three Thread Fabric Features

The front and back sides are different from each other, the front side is flat and the back side has a hopping structure. It is usually worn in autumn/winter because it is thick fabrics. Sweetshirt, hoodie, tracksuit etc. It is widely used in clothing. Doesn’t yawn. Those produced with cotton are frequently used in baby clothes. Does not shrink when washed. It should be used in accordance with the degree of ironing and washing instructions.

Raised Three Yarn Fabric: A cotton and soft surface is created by making feathering on the inside of the three yarn combed fabric with raising. The fabric, which is quite thick and has the feature of keeping warm, is among the trends of winter fashion. Suitable for men’s, women’s and children’s sports fashion.

Three-Thread Fabric Without Raising: : It is a type of fabric that is produced as flat without any feathering process on the inside. It is preferred in winter months due to its thick and warm keeping properties. It is a type of fabric suitable for sports fashion for women, men and children.

Uses: Sweat, tracksuits, pajamas, skirts, room sets, pillows, panels, home textiles, dresses, tunics, topcoats, vests, etc. available in models.