Платиновая награда ÖZSAR, Звезда экспорта

Özsar Tekstil received a platinum award for its success in exports at the 2021 award ceremony organized by the Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association (İTHİB).

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) President Mustafa Gültepe, ITHIB President Ahmet Öksüz and award-winning company officials attended the award ceremony.

We can be the world leader in textiles

Stating that Turkey has become the 5th largest textile producer and exporter in the world, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank said: «The textile industry, which some people did not like at the time and said that there was no future in this business, today produces all over the world with your outstanding efforts. Recently, I have personally attended the opening of many investments in the textile sector, from huge production facilities to logistics centers. 5th place in the world is of course an important achievement, but we have the capabilities to carry it much further. How can we become number one? I hope that we will be able to see those achievements in this hall. I hope that we will be able to become the world leader as soon as possible, I have no doubt about that.»

Minister Varank underlined that the textile industry no longer produces only as a subcontractor of global brands and said, «With an approach that puts R&D, design and innovation at its center, products of quality that can compete in global markets are now produced in our country. Exports exceeding 30 billion dollars in all of its subgroups, namely textiles, ready-to-wear clothing and apparel, are the biggest proof of this situation.»

We increase our exports with investments

Özsar Tekstil CEO Ali Yasin Sartık, who received the Platinum Award from Minister Mustafa Varank and ITHIB President Ahmet Öksüz for his successful contributions to exports, emphasized their success in the recession and war environment the world is in and said, «No success is a coincidence. We believe in this and we are always working to achieve it. We are doubling our knitted fabric production with the 10 million Euros investment we made in the last year. We renewed our machine park. Thanks to the investments we have made to increase our fabric production quality, we aim to increase our exports in the coming period.»

Stating that Özsar Tekstil, which produces wholesale knitted fabrics, exports to approximately 30 countries, Sartık said, «Our targets include new markets. We are analyzing these markets. We take care to participate in fairs that will improve our knitted fabric quality and vision. Negative developments in the world are also changing the commercial balances. We will continue to contribute to Turkey becoming the world’s textile production base with investments and conscious steps by turning this into an advantage.»

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