We are a Young and Hardworking Team…


We are continuing our journey that we started as a family company by taking good steps in the name of institutionalization. The most important feature that distinguishes us from other companies in the sector is our dynamic and strong structure… The most important element in that sector is the team…

We are a young and hardworking team.

We can analyze the needs of the sector in advance and get a reaction accordingly.

We are innovative, we love technology, we act according to the requirements of the age and we are working to go beyond.


We are also closely following the developments in our country and in the world.

While the world is taking shape in a new change and formation, it is impossible to ignore to think that the textile sector will not take its share from this change! Many branches affected by the textile sector, such as yarn, fabric, ready-to-wear, accessories, are also adapting to change or having to adapt. With the pandemic, we have seen that habits do not have any difficulty changing in the face of mandatory situations. situations that will be internalized for 10 years can take their place right in the middle of our lives in a few months if necessary.

Technology is at the forefront of these changes.

These days, when we are starting to use the technologies of the time and become more online, we are teeming with many materials such as websites, online Sunday sales formations, social media tools. It is now much easier to follow our world, which has become a global village with communication technologies…

It is possible to keep up with this change, to foresee the future, to predict, to analyze the present well.

When we climb the steps that will carry us to the future, we always ask this:

What does the world want from us? Less consumption, smarter production… We are going to innovate in our production processes for our future and we are trying to give the world the respect it deserves with our new fabric production and dye factory that respects nature, has the basic principle of sustainability, reduces energy consumption and works more efficiently. We are proud to be a member of Recycled, BCI, OEKO-TEX..